Thanks so much for considering a donation! You're awesome.


If you'd like to make a one-time donation, we accept pizza. I mean, PayPal. Yes, PayPal.

$custom - We dunno what we'll use this for, but we're grateful! $1 - Get Kelsam a Barq's $5 - Get Kelsam some Ice Cream $10 - Get Kelsam a Pizza $20 - Get Kelsam some Card Sleeves $40 - Get Kelsam some Foam-Core $75 - Get Kelsam a Game $100 - Get Kelsam a More Expensive Game $300 - Get Kelsam a Super Expensive Game

NOTE: The actual money that you donate will not likely be spent directly on the selection you have made in the menu above. However, we will likely be buying that item again soon and if you have donated us some of your hard-earned money for said item, we will probably post a "thank you" in the blog. (i.e. if you donate $10 for the "Buy Us a Pizza" option, we will probably post a "thank you" with your name in the blog, unless you've asked us not to via donation notes, even though those "actual dollars" weren't specifically transferred for the use of said pizza.)


Thank you so much! You're all so awesome :D


You can view the legal information concerning any donations here if you'd like, or by clicking the "Legal" link in the website's footer.